Demo Dohnes

The Demo Dohne Merino Stud is becoming one of South Africa’s leading studs, supplying proven genetics across the domestic and international markets. Schalk Joubert from DemoDohnes are able to provide you with the complete package including rams, ewes, embryos and semen from our stud sires. Dohnes have significant combined advantages over any other sheep breed and are the only truly dual purpose breed.
Demo Dohnes
Schalk Joubert
150 Main Road
16 Lion's Square
Somerset West
South Africa
DD09 0921
Purchased in 2010 as one of the the top priced rams at the National Sale. 921 is a very long bodied SIRE with great bone and muscling and has excellent confirmation. He has a very long stapled fine/ medium wool that is white and soft showing style and nourishment.
Body Weight: 3.56
Wean Direct: 2.54
Wean Maternal: 0,58
Clean Fleece Weight: 0,28
Fibre Diameter: -1,02
General Merit: 23,15
DD09 0557
A big long deep bodied ram with a deep twist. He has a great sire outlook and strong muzzle. He is well boned and has excellent conformation and will well covered on the points and has a Soft fine crimped wool.
Body Weight: 3,35
Wean Direct: 2,49
Wean Maternal: 0.57
Clean Fleece Weight: 0,31
Fibre Diameter: -1,05
General Merit: 19,15
DD09 4521
DemoDohne's leading SIRE with over 650 progeny. He is a good Dohne type with a great spring of rib, hind quarter muscling and a deep twist. He has good confirmation of body and particurily sound in his feet and legs. He has no eye or muzzle pigmentation and carries a well nourished, soft handling medium fine white wool.
Body Weight: 2.14
Wean Direct: 2,56
Wean Maternal: 0,50
Clean Fleece Weight: 0.39
Fibre Diameter: -0.99
General Merit: 20,4