Auction Information

Dear Dohne Breeder

We know there is an inordinate amount of effort and planning that goes into your Donhe auction, one of the highlights of the year for your farm.
We would like to provide proper coverage of your auction by writing a post-auction article and featuring it on the Dohne Merino website.

Since we can not attend your auction, we need your help, and we’ll try to make it as easy as possible.

Taking pictures

We all know how to take a selfie, but taking a picture to be used on a website and the Dohne Merino Journal, sometimes requires a bit more attention.

  • Make sure your camera/phone is set to high resolution
  • Ask the people you’re taking a picture of to remove any head-gear.
  • Do not WhatsApp photos, as WhastApp transforms pictures to a very low resolution.
  • Submit the full names of everybody in the picture, from left to right.

Submitting Pictures

There are a few options for submitting pictures.

  • If possible, please rename your pictures so we can easily identify it, e.g. Aghoek-Dohnes.jpg
  • Email it to
  • Use the form below:
  • Click on this dropbox link and add your photos.
  • Do NOT WhatsApp images.
  • If you do however insist on using WhatsApp, follow the guidelines below the form on how to send quality images.

Submitting Information

We want to try and write something informative and engaging about your auction, so please tell  us as much as possible

  • Auction Date
  • Your Breeder code
  • Top price/s
  • Something interesting happened?
  • Interesting attendees?
  • Weather
  • Successful attendance?


Auction Info

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg, Max. file size: 6 MB, Max. files: 10.


    Send full quality images using WhatsApp

    If you’re anything like me, you’ll take a pic, hit Attachment, go to the Gallery, attach the pic and send it. All without a thought. It’s now second nature but has the downside of lowering the quality. If you send it as a document instead of an image, it doesn’t get reduced.

    1. Open WhatsApp and select Attachments as you normally would.
    2. Select Documents instead of Gallery this time.
    3. Select the file or Browse to it and hit Send.
    4. Press Send when back in the main screen and WhatsApp will send it without messing with it.