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CRUX Dohnes – Production sale 2021

CRUX Dohnes held their extremely successful production sale on Thursday 04 February 2021.   The total of 109 rams were sold at the average price of R12468 and 822 pregnant ewes were sold at the average price of R2959.  The highest priced ram with production figures of Weaning direct 1.992 kg ; Weaning maternal 0.127 ;  Number of lambs weaned  -2.704 percent ; Clean fleece weight 0.273 Kg; Fibre diameter +0.027 micron; was sold to Mr Hendrie en Mrs Drien van Schalkwyk, Tromsburg at the price of R75,000.  The van Schalkwyks also bought the second highest priced ram at R70,000.  The ten highest priced rams were sold at an average price of R49,300.   The parcel of ewes sold at the highest average price per ewe  fetched a price of  R3411.82

Well done on a great sale