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Demand for wool, carcase qualities

MT ALMA’S Dohne ram sale strength was its commercial buyers, but a number of SA studs also operated.

Robin and Marianne Schwartz, Pindari stud, Waterloo, lead the stud buying with three rams to $5000.

Landmark auctioneer Richard Miller said it was just rewards for the Ashby family’s depth of quality.

“Thestrength was the large volume of regular clients enjoying success with Mt Alma genetics who keep coming back and lifting their sights and rambudgets,” he said.

“Three or four volume orders underpinned the sale, but there was enough people on the better end rams to push them in the $2000 – $3500 range.”

Elders stud stock’s Tom Penna said the outstanding offering had not only good carcase traits but also rams with long-stapled wools.

“They are people who have been in the sheep breeding game all their lives and this reflects in their sheep,” he said.

“People do well with Mt Alma genetics and they need less rams because the rams live longer so they can afford to pay a bit more for them.”

Despite the top-end strength, there were still 24 ramsthatmade $1500 or less.

Elders and Landmark conducted the sale.