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Dohne Australia – June 2021

Dohne Journal – Balmoral Sire Evaluation Article 
The National Promotions Committee wishes to apologise to the Kelly family of Glen Holme Dohne Stud for the incorrect information that was printed on page 11 in the current Dohne Journal. The incorrect sire was printed in the graph and the CV should have read minus 0.8 better than the average.

Australian Sheep & Wool Show – Dohne Marquee
The 2020-2021 Annual General Meeting and General Meeting is to be held at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show on 18th July, commencing at 2pm in the Dohne Marquee

Classers’ and Ram Breeders’ Workshop
Members will have received a flier on the upcoming Classers’ and Ram Breeders’ Workshop to be held at the West Wail Stud on 19th July. Any members who are ‘willing and able’ to attend are encouraged to do so. Bookings:

Regarding Victorian-based events, the Association will update members should COVID-19 management policies prohibit the events from being held.

Timely Data Submission
Brett Wilson needs to check all Dohne data before submitting it to Sheep Genetics on the 7th and 21st of each month. To make sure your data runs in the analysis you require, you must have your data to Brett 3 business days before the analysis runs.
All members are reminded that stud Ewe Mating Lists are to be submitted to the data manager in a timely manner.

Sheep Genetics Dohne Top Sire List
Sheep Genetics Dohne current Top Sire List as of the 1 June 2021.
Since the inception Sheep Genetics has displayed a top Dohne sire list. For accuracy and merit, standard requirements (default) are progeny from 2 or more flocks and 15 progeny in the current drop. The search engine enables breeders a wider individual search but the actual top sire list is the default setting.

[:en]Balmoral Sire Evaluation 2019 Drop. Adjusted Sire Means for Post Weaning Weight show the progeny of the Dohne ahead of the flock average[:]

[:en]Councillor Allen Kelly with Murray Rogerson viewing the 2019 drop Dohne progeny at the 2020 Balmoral Sire Evaluation Field Day.[:]

[:en]ASWS 2019 – Dohne Marquee[:]