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Dohne Merino council for 2023 changes

After many years excellent service, Mr. Boeta Wessels  stepped down from the Dohne Merino council.  At the annual general meeting of the breed society, Mr. Wikus Bekker (CRUX Dohnes) was also elected as new member of the Dohne Merino council.  Mr. Wikus Bekker is well-known in the Dohne Merino industry and he is not only very capable but he also envisages renewed energy in council.  Whilst It is sad to say farewell to Mr. Boeta Wessels who rendered many years of excellent and unselfish service to the Dohne Merino breed, it is at the same time exiting to welcome Mr. Wikus Bekker to council.

Photo: New councillor, Mr. Wikus Bekker