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Dohne Merino National Top Breeder award for 2022 – awarded February 2023

Boeta Wessels, National Top Breeder for 2022, over many years became known for the leading position of the Weska Dohne stud.  What makes this award of the highest honor of the Dohne Merino breed society even more special, is that it is only the second time in history that the same breeder is awarded two times in a row.   This top breeder award to Boeta Wessels and his support team, epitomizes a series of exceptional achievements over many years.

The Dohne Merino Top Breeder award is also known as the Virbac Top Breeder award for being sponsored since its inception by a very loyal team of Virbac.  A great thank you to Mr Dicky Rautenbach, Ernest Botha and Thys van Tonder who attended the ceremony.   Thank you to Voermol’s Leon de Klerk and Ferdi Naude, for their attendance and sponsorship.  Thank you also to Molatek who sponsors the regional winners of the competition and who was represented by Mr. Gerard van As.  The third national winner sponsor is BKB.  A special thank you to Mr. Jacobus le Roux, Pierre Vlok and Corne Nel who not only took part in the proceedings, but also played a major role in the success of the main event on the Dohne Merino calendar.

It is of course imperative to mention some of the highlights in Weska Dohnes rich history.  Weska Dohnes was founded almost 50 years ago in 1974 by Boeta and Kosie Wessels’s father, “oom Jurie Wessels”.  The two brothers joined the farming operation in 1992 and Boeta Wessels took sole possession of  the Weska stud 2011.   Boeta Wessels developed the then already extremely successful operation into the leading Weska stud of today.

A major highlight in recent years for Weska Dohnes was the selling of five top Dohne Merino rams on the 2019 national sale for a record average price of R106 000.   Incidentally, Boeta Wessels and Weska Dohnes, some years back already  received a special award from the breed society for his support of the national sale.  The sale of JW150558 in 2017 for a world record price of R225 000 at that time, may very well be one of the greatest highlights achieved by Weska Dohnes.  In 2021 Weska Dohnes also realized an average price of R19 500 per ram on its annual production sale.

The success of Weska naturally depends on a team effort.  In this regard Celia Wessels keeps all stud records in perfect order.  Ean Nel who took over from Con Barnard, plays a major technical role.  Boeta asked that staff members Freek Skeneke and his son Beentjie, be mentioned for looking after the well-being of the Weska rams and also grooming them for sales purposes.

Boeta’s son Jurie, joined the business a year back and the Wessels family is assured that the new generation is already participating in the grand effort to keep Weska Dohnes at the forefront of the industry.   Weska Dohne’s effort to select balanced ewes in harmony with nature to maintain the highest possible reproduction rate, is certainly being fruitful.  Congratulations to Weska Dohnes!!!!!

Photo L/R: Dr Kobus Delport (Manager Dohne Merino breed society) Ernest Botha (Virbac), Boeta Wessels with the Virbac Top breeder trophy, Mr Pierre Vlok (BKB), Mr Leon de Klerk and Mr Ferdi Naude (Voermol)