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Dohne Merino Snippets 2016 Number 1

The must have book “Birth of a Breed – The Dohne Merino Story” proves to be very popular. The book sponsored by BKB, was recently presented to Prof Piet de Wet, Former Head of the Stellenbosch University’s Department of Sheep and Wool Science. Prof de Wet is still in good shape and commented very positively on various aspects of the Woolled Sheep Industry. The Dohne Merino Breed Society wants to honour his huge contribution to especially the Dohne Merino. We wish him and his wife residing in Stellenbosch the quality life that they deserve.


Photo 1 Cameron Mcmaster presenting his book to Prof Piet de Wet at his home in Stellenbosch

Mr. Dave Marshall left a great impression on the History of the Dohne Merino. Dave was not only present at the inaugural meeting of the Dohne Merino Breed Society on the 16th of May 1966, but at some stage he was also responsible for Virbac’s Sponsorship of the coveted Top Breeder Awards of the Dohne Merino Breed Society. Dave retired at Haga Haga, a coastal village near to East London and still enjoys good health. He and his four legged companion recently visited the Office of the Breed Society to receive his copy of “Birth Of a Breed – The Dohne Merino Story”. Dave’s visit was very pleasant and we wish him many years of good health.

Photo 2: Dave Marshall on his visit to the Dohne Merino Office


Dohne Merino extends its Condolences to the Pringle family of Wakkerstroom with the passing away of Mr. John Pringle. Mr. John Pringle a friend of Mr. Marius Klopper, another Dohne Merino stalwart of the same era, was a prominent studbreeder who’s stud earned great respect amongst the entire Dohne Merino Stud fraternity. We trust that John’s legacy will help to ease the absence of the man of such stature.