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High prices for Dohne wool clips

Recently (Sept 2014) a Dohne wool clip from the Stutterheim area was sold at an average price of R 82.75 (Lox included). The highest greasy price realized was for AFY wool sold for R 99.20 /kg. The Main fleece lines – AF and AM were sold at R 83.60 and R 83.00 per kg. The AFY wool’s Clean yield percentage was 75.62 percent with a vegetable matter content of 0.6 percent. Fibre diameter measured 17.5 micron. Staple strength was 32 and Hauteur 75. The average clean yield of the clip was 70.29 percent with an average fibre diameter of 18.4 micron (Hauteur AF and AM – 82 and 78).
The clip serves as testimony that Dohne Merino wool deserves its praise as being superior!