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Louise Dohnes – Production sale 2022

Louise Dohnes’ annual production sale took place at the farm Canossa, Heilbron on Wednesday 06 April 2022.  On this very special day, a total of 42 excellent Dohne Merino rams were sold at the average price of R10 071.  Congratulations to Ric and Alta Bornman, who bought the top priced ram at the price of R35 000.  This ram DH 20 0674, single born, had breeding values of: weaning direct +0.623 kg; weaning maternal -0.802 kg; number of lambs weaned +3.053 percent; clean fleece weight +0.346 kg; fibre diameter +0.599 micron; general merit +2.090;

The total of 179 ewes were sold at the average price of R2 9775.