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National Sale – Foot and Mouth Disease

On account of the uncertainty regarding the control measures on foot and mouth disease, only 32 rams were entered for the 2020 Dohne Merino National Sale. However, the rams entered represent the very best available from our breeders. We invite especially discerning flock breeders to attend this year’s sale to purchase top rams at very affordable prices.

BKB obtained permission to conduct the sale on provision that the rams are kept under veterinary supervision for 28 days after the sale. Our sponsors OVK, Virbac, BKB, Molatek and Voermol all agreed to assist to minimize the cost of this unfortunate complication. The rams will stand at either Geneco or Ramsem who also indicated that they would assist to minimize discomfort, risk and cost to everybody involved.

Note that semen may be taken for use at any time during this period. There is a slim chance these measures may not be necessary pending decisions by the Department of Veterinary Services

Thank you for your support and understanding during trying times!