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Pleasant view Dohnes – Production Sale – 2018

Clark Rattray held his Pleasant View  Dohne Merino stud’s annual production sale on the 24th of August at the Swartberg sales complex.   A potential new young Dohne Merino stud breeder – Jean du Plessis, who already bought 20 registered Dohne ewes, paid the top price of R40 000 for an excellent Pleasant View Dohne Merino ram.  A total of 67 rams were sold at the average price of R15186.  The sale was marked by the attendance of teachers and pupils of Weston Agricultural College and their purchase of a ram for their stud in its infancy.  Clark incedentally also advise them on aspects of management and breeding.


Photo: The ram of Clark Rattray sold to new Dohne Merino breeder Jean du Plessis, Flicwick ranch also in the Swartberg district.