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Pleasant View Dohnes – Production sale 2023

CCM Farms, Swartberg, KZN, held the very successful annual production sale of the Pleasant View Dohne Merino on 31 August, 2023.  A total of 56 excellent Dohne Merino rams were sold at the average price of R11,473.  Commercial ewes were sold at prices ranging from R2,400 to R2,700.  The top price for a ram was R27,500.  The  Jeffrey Francis trust bought CR220201, born as one of a triplet with breeding values of: weaning weight direct +3.416; weaning weight maternal +0.336; number of lambs weaned +0.389 percent; clean fleece weight +0.252 kg; fibre diameter -0.817 micron; general merit +18.53.