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Results of the Dohne Merino Autumn Sales Season 2019


The autumn Dohne Merino Production sales exceeded all expectations except for a few sales in areas experiencing the negative effect of the past four years drought conditions.  Once again, the Dohne Merino breed, proved its mettle under conditions of a severe summer drought during which farmers were forced to reduce stock numbers in especially the Western  Summer grazing areas.   In total the totaal number of 1230 rams sold on production sales (Table 1) represent a decline of 0.1 percent (142 rams) compared to the 2018 autumn sales season.  However the average price of R10 969 represent an increase of  6.6 percent (R728) per ram compared to the corresponding  period of 2018.  It is clear that the trend of acquiring less rams of better quality, is continuing since the start of the prolonged dry period approximately four years back.   This trend may also be partly ascribed to the  increase in the application of more advanced reproduction techniques.  Procedures such as AI and Laparoscopy with or without Injection are aimed at increasing lambing rate and also to increase production levels by more intensive use of superior sires.   Breeders and commercial producers need to be aware of the possible negative effect of inbreeding, when applying these techniques without the necessary precautions.

Congratulations to the van Devender family who posted the highest price of R80 000 for a single ram sold.  Mr Cecil van der Merwe (Barkly East) also achieved the distinction of staging a record average price of R17 606 for 80 rams sold on his production sale.  These achievements under extremely difficult financial conditions are very special.

However, our breeders that posted lower sales averages should also be specially commended.  The principle of supplying “less pampered” rams but fit for use under natural veld conditions, is far more important than achieving the highest possible sales average at the cost of increased input costs.   The Dohne Merino philosophy of breeding hardy and adaptable animals, should be promoted on all our sales.  Our commercial farmers need to be educated by each and every breeder not to pay a premium for over-fed animals.   In this regard, appraising of fat covering at sales, may play an important role.

The National Dohne Merino sale in day format, proved to be very successful.   Thank you to more stud breeders (16) who saw their way open to bring their top genetic material to the national sale. The total of 52 rams sold were 10 more than last year and were sold for the average price of  R40 865.  Although the Average price was lower than that for 2018 (R45 222), the selling of more representative rams of the stud industry  compensated.  Congratulations to Wynand du Toit (National Top Breeder) and Boeta Wessels who sold the two top rams at R180 000 each.  Boeta Wessels distinguished his Weska Dohne Stud by selling Five Top rams for an average price for R106 400.

A number of rams were sold at R100 000 or more, indicating the general high quality  of rams on offer.  Kromspruit Dohnes, for example sold a half share in their top ram for R100 000.

Dohne Merino ewes remain in high demand.  The average price of R2 332 represent all categories of ewes from old, dry flock ewes  to young pregnant stud ewes certified to carry multiple lambs.  The range of prices from R1 475 to R3975 is a fair reflection of the entire spectrum of ewes on offer.

Autumn production sales Date Number Average Top Price
Potberg Dohnes, Bredasdorp 17-Jan 64 10645 16000
Lowmar Dohnes, Cradock 22-Jan 62 9088 20000
Vlakkloof Dohnes, Protem 22-Jan 45 10639 34000×2
White Wools Dohnes, Molteno 23-Jan 70 12786 56000
CC van der Merwe, Barkly East 30-Jan 80 17606 54000
Suidplaas Dohnes, Bredasdorp 30-Jan 90 13200 47000
Twee Neefs, Burgersdorp 01-Feb 84 13048 64000
LA & J de la Harpe, Graaff-Reinet 05-Feb 51 9850 29000
ZK Jordaan, Cradock 06-Feb 63 11397 40000
CRUX Dohnes, Edinburg, FS 07-Feb 108 10042 40000
Kromspruit Dohnes,Memel, FS 08-Feb 49 11765 32000
G Hobson & JP Steynberg, Graaff Reinet 12-Feb 55 7220 20000
Blydskap Trust, Riviersonderend 13-Feb 64 12117 80000
Robdorino, Kei Road 22-Feb 37 7174 21000
Grootfontein N’Trust, Middelburg, EC 22-Feb 66 7530 15500
TweeKoppen, Reddersburg, FS 26-Feb 32 6813 16000
F & A Marx, Burgersdorp, EC 27-Feb 95 10989 50000
R Armstrong, Cathcart, EC 05-Mar 70 10321 31000
Wauldby Dohnes, Amabele 12-Mar 45 8456 26000
Total 1230 10969 80000
Promotion sales
National Sale 20-Feb 52 40865 180000*2
Total 1282 12182
Ewe sales Number Min Price Max Price Average price
4315 1475 3975 2332