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Sales 2017 – Hobson & Steynberg, Graaff Reinet

Graham Hobson and JP Steynberg held their combined production sale on the 14th of February 2017, only one day before the National dohne Merino sale.  Despite this years unacceptable very cramped-inn sales program,  an excellent sales result was achieved.   These two studs apply extensive management of stud animals in the purist Dohne Merino manner in order to supply extremely hardy animals to the commercial industry that will adapt successfully to any adverse farming conditions.  The 59 rams on sale were all sold at an average price of R8459.  The Highest priced ram – R18000 – was sold to Mr. Mornè de Bruyn, Hampton farms, Cathcart.


Photo L/R : Andre van Zyl (Auctioneer, CMW), Mornè de Bruin (Buyer, Cathcart), Andy Botha (CMW, Stutterheim), JP and Louis Steynberg (Sellers, Graaff Reinet) and Luane Stapelberg  (CMW).