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Sales 2017 – LA and J de la Harpe, Normandy Dohne Stud, Graaff Reinet

The production sale of the Normandy Dohne Merino Stud took place on the 28th of February, 2017.  This excellent longstanding Dohne Merino stud sold a total of 53  top quality Dohne  Merino rams for an average price of R9585.  Mr KP (Kevin) Miles, commercial Dohne Merino farmer from Dordrecht,  who also bought a ram at R13000,  paid the highest price of R25000 for an individual ram.  The Normandy stud specifically select for higher dressing percentage and meat qualities including eye muscle surface area and fat distribution.


Photo L/R :  Jean de la Harpe (Seller, Normandy Dohnes), JJ van der Watt (auctioneer, BKB, Cradock), and Mr Miles (buyer, Dordrecht)