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Weska Dohnes – Production sale 2023

Weska Dohnes held their excellent production sale on Friday 28 July, 2023.  The total of 65 top Dohne merino rams were all sold at the average price of R15 754.  The Dohne ewes on offer were sold at an average price of R2 500 each.   The Basson family bought the top priced ram on the day, JW210660 at R42 000.  It is trusted that this ram will live up to expectations according to its breeding values of: weaning weight direct +1.642 kg; Weaning weight maternal +0.236 kg; Number of lambs weaned -0.065 percent; clean fleece weight +0.275 kg; fibre diameter -0.698 micron; general merit +14.41.