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Basson brs. – Production sale – 2021

Hoffie and Lammie Basson held their annual production on the farm Kliprug in the Malmesbury district.  On this sale that took place on Wednesday, 04 August, 2021,  Hoffie Basson sold 46 rams at the average price of R16913.  Congratulations to Andre Kirsten who bought the highest priced ram at R31,000.   Lammie Basson also sold 14 Dohne Merino rams at the average price of R7,928 and his two top priced rams at R11,000 were sold to Wolfkraal Landgoed, Caledon. The objective merit of the three rams were as follows:

LL200013 R11,000 – twin; Weaning direct 4.349 kg; Weaning maternal 0.707 kg; Number lambs weaned 6.605%; Clean fleece weight 0.266 kg; Fibre diameter -0.156 micron.

LL200155 R11,000 – twin; Weaning direct 3.545 kg; Weaning maternal 0.783 kg; Number lambs weaned 3.230%; Clean fleece weight -0.004 kg; Fibre diameter -0.551 micron.

SB1900279 R31,000 – twin; Weaning direct 2.471 kg; Weaning maternal 0.567 kg; Number lambs weaned 0.145%; Clean fleece weight 0.323 kg; Fibre diameter -0.326 micron.