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Bessiesfontein Dohnes – Production sale – 2020

Mr Julius Beukes held the Bessiesfontein Dohne Merino stud’s 12th production sale at Ladismith, KZN, on the 2nd of September 2020.   The 52 Dohne Merino stud and flock rams were all sold at an average price of R14721.  The highest price of R38000 for a ram was paid Mr. Andrè Bothma for J190211 with production figures of : Growth rate +4.25 kg. ; Maternal ability -0.04 kg. ; Clean wool production +0.48 kg. ; Fibre Diameter -0.15 micron.  Mr. Schalk Meintjes also sold superior ewes bred from the Bessiesfontein Dohne Merino stud on this sale. Two tooth open ewes were sold at R3700 and two tooth (pregnant) ewes were sold at R3660 on average (highest price R3700).  The average price for pregnant mature ewes was  R3959 with a highest price of R4000.   ewe lambs were sold at the average price of  R2762 with a highest price of R3000.

NOTE: This result is based on a preliminary  informal communication and may differ from the official result provided by the auctioneers