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Blydskap Dohnes, Riviersonderend – Production sale – 2021

Blydskap Trust held their annual production sale on 10 February 2021 with great success.  The total of 65 excellent Dohne Merino rams were all sold at the average price of R12,785 each.  The most expensive ram was sold for R26 000 to Dawie and Elnora Crous from Caledon.  The ram BT190543 had breeding values of weaning direct 1.088 kg; weaning maternal -0.071 kg; number lambs weaned 1.293 percent; 12 months body weight 2.399 kg; clean fleece weight 0.437 kg; fibre diameter -.192 micron.

The price of the 250 eleven month old ewes varied between R2,700 and R2,950 with an average price of R 2,860.

2 thoughts on “Blydskap Dohnes, Riviersonderend – Production sale – 2021

  1. Would like to go into the Farming business but would like to start out with a small herd of AAA Dohnes Merinos 25 ewe and 1 ram.

    1. Paul,
      Please visit our website and click on the breeders section to contact any breeder regarding the selling of rams and ewes. Please also note that our next course will be presented at the university of Stellenbosch/elsenburg from 7 to 9 June 2022

      Dohne greetings
      Dr Kobus Delport

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