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Kromspruit Dohnes – Production sale – 2021

At the Kromspruit Dohnes’ production sale on 04 February a total of 52 excellent Dohne Merino rams were sold at the average price of R14,183.  The top priced ram, FS190597, with breeding values of weaning direct 2.099 kg; weaning maternal 0.481 kg; number lambs weaned 2.738 percent; 12 months body weight 3.338 kg; clean fleece weight 0.199 kg; fibre diameter -0.040 micron; was sold to Mr. Kobus Eloff (Verkykerskop) at the price of R32,500.

Correction : Last Year’s advert for Kromspruit Dohnes did not appear in The Dohne Merino Journal due to human error.  It was therefore published on the main page of the Dohne Merino website.  Sorry for any convenience caused. Please take note of the advert on our website.