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Doh-Net-So Dohnes – Production Sale 2022

Bertus Mong held Doh-Net-So Dohnes’ 28th annual production sale on Tuesday  07 June 2022, on the farm Florina, Villiersdorp.  A total of 39 Dohne Merino rams were sold at the average price of R13577.  The sale was marked by Langhoogte farms, buying four rams at the price of R22,000 each, apart from the top priced ram at R26,000.  This result confirms that it pays flock farmers to buy the best possible quality registered Dohne Merino rams to improve commercial production from their flocks.  The top priced twin born ram AB200448, had breeding values of:  weaning direct -0.303 kg; weaning maternal -0.285 kg; number of lambs weaned +0.261 lambs per ewe lifetime;  clean fleece weight +0.124 kg, fibre diameter -0.604 micron and general merit +4.620