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Dohne Australia – April 2023


Australian Sheep and Wool Show
Australian Sheep and Wool Show (ASWS) has selected the Dohne as its 2024 Feature Breed.
The Association’s Show Committee has been in regular contact with the Australian Sheep and Wool Show organisers, and we are delighted that our breed will be of prominence on this ‘big stage’ in July 2024 at Bendigo.
In preparation for 2024, the Show Committee would like to invites all studs to participating in this year’s Dohne Marquee events at ASWS. There will be both fleece and sheep judging, plus school educational programs, which will be again an important part of the Dohne Marquee program.
The Show Committee is pleased to announce that we will once again be graced by having international Dohne breeders attend our Dohne Marquee this year at Bendigo. The last time we had a large group of international breeders attend this event was back in 2016 for the Global Dohne Conference and tours. We look forward to welcoming the internationals back to the Dohne Marquee.
Darren Gurnett
Convenor, ADBA Show Committee

Coonong Dohne Sire Evaluation
Following the field day last year, the ewes at Coonong were shorn and the final wool results were added.
A very wet spring and summer saw a huge fly challenge but also meant there was no shortage of feed across the summer period.
Ewes were then joined in mid January for 35 days.
Preg scanning was done in late March with a total of 113% lambs scanned.
Individual sire performance has not been calculated and will be added in the next update.
Don Mills
Convenor, ADBA Coonong Sire Evaluation