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Dohne Australia – August 2021

Australian Sheep & Wool Show – Dohne Marquee Report
Following the Victorian government announcing late Thursday afternoon 15th July that all of Victorian would be going into a 5 day lockdown as of midnight (due to COVID), this meant the Australian Sheep and Wool Show had to be cancelled. We are all hoping this event will be able to go ahead next year.

Classers’ and Ram Breeders’ Workshop – Report 
This event was also impacted by COVID, due to the Victorian lockdown. No future date has been set as yet.
The organisers would like to express their regret for any inconvenience that this postponement may have caused, and disappointment as the Workshop promised to be a most constructive event for those who planned to attend.

Annual General Meeting
Due to the ASWS being cancelled, this meeting was run via Zoom for a second year in a row. Thank you all members that could attend.
Congratulations to newly appointed President Rachel Browne, Vice President John Nadin and Councillors Rhys Parsons, Greg Hall, Don Mills and Darren Gurnett.
Members are reminded that the Councillors are here to serve the breed and assist members where possible and as such are encouraged to contact the Secretary or individual Councillors as the need may arise.

Presidents Message
As the newly elected president of the ADBA I would firstly like to thank John Nadin for his past five years in this role. John has been a great leader of Council and I hope to continue his good work. John will continue on as Vice President and I wish to acknowledge Rhys Parsons, Don Mills, Greg Hall and Darren Gurnett for their continuation as Councillors. We say goodbye to Allen Kelly after his many years on Council and thank him for his contribution. There is currently a vacancy, so should you feel the desire to gain better knowledge of how the association is run, have your say on how the association is run or feel it’s your time to contribute, please contact Cameron Hills to register your interest, alternatively I would be pleased to have a discussion about the role with you.
I grew up on a livestock property, went to boarding school then gained an Ass. Deg. In Agriculture at Muresk. I worked for Elders, CRT and did accounts at a machinery dealership before joining my husband Trenton on his family farm at Nyabing in the Great Southern region of WA.
We operate a mixed farming enterprise and started our Dohne Journey in 2003. I am passionate about the breed and have been a Councillor since 2013, serving on the promotions committee prior to that. I believe I have made a positive contribution to the breed and council and aim to continue in this vein for the term of my Presidency.
I encourage you all to contact me should you need; alternatively, there are five other well equipped Councillors who are all contactable.
I look forward to the next two years and hope I can do justice to the Association and the Dohne breed.
Rachel Browne

ADBA – AMSEA Coonong Station 2021
Site Manager Update – Jim Meckiff, JM LIVESTOCK
A successful AI program conducted in January 2021 resulted in 814 AI ewes commencing lambing at Coonong Station, Urana in Southern NSW in late June.
Ewes presented at tagging in CS 3+ as lactation demands are increasing. Estimated CS at lambing was 3.5 for the twins ewes ideal for lambing. The weather was kind, although cold or wet conditions where experienced, fortunately the wind was light or not apparent and survival appears very high.
Tagging of the lambs was undertaken on 12 & 13 July. The job ran smoothly and trouble free thanks to the team at “Coonong Station” (6 people!) and assistance from ADBA sire evaluation committee members and their colleagues (5 people). Facilities again proved top notch with the ewes and lambs mustered Sunday evening ready for drafting first thing Monday. This great cooperative effort saw the ewes and lambs through the yards quickly on each day allowing plenty of time for lambs to mother up. A big thank you to all involved and making the process run smoothly.
During the tagging procedure undertaken approx. 14 days after birth the following traits were recorded using the AMSEA Visual Sheep Score Guide on a 1-5 scale,

  • Breech Wrinkle and Breech Cover
  • Skin and Fibre Pigment
  • Black Spot & Recessive Black (none recorded).

Lambs are identified with an EID tag and matching VID tag, DNA sampled with Tissue Sample Unit for 50K SNP analysis and sire pedigree, SEX and Birth Type recorded. The Vetmarker lamb cradle made the process a straightforward operation. Data was collected and matched to the lambs EID tag using XR5000 indicators and later transferred to PS Stockbook for data management and analysis from AMSEA. Lambs will be marked later with commercial operations at Coonong Station. This flock is CM / NM and uses AA during the lamb marking procedure.

Pastoral conditions are improving on the back of follow up rain with 1200+ Kg FOO of high-quality pasture available consisting of Annual Rye Grass, Barley Grass, Clover and Medic along with residual summer perennials and herbage providing excellent shelter for the newborn lambs.

Next trait to be recorded is a Weaning Weight (WWT) on all lambs in September when the ewes are due to be shorn. With favourable Spring growing conditions looking to be assured these lambs will have every chance to express their genetic potential.