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Dohne Australia – March 2022

ADBA Sire Evaluation – 2021 Drop – Coonong Station Urana

On Wednesday 2 February 2022 Classing of the 2021 Drop ADBA Sire Evaluation Wether Progeny was conducted at Coonong Station Urana.

A tremendous turn out from the Site Committee and some extra helpers made for a great day of data collection.
Those attending commented on how well the young sheep looked given the tough seasonal conditions experienced over spring & summer. Once the wool is off them these lambs will surely go ahead in the feedlot.
A total of 470 Wethers were assessed for no less than 14 Visual Sheep Score Traits, Body Weight and a full set of fibre measurements tested at Riverina Wool Testers in Wagga.

Shearing of the wethers will take place in late February where another 7 Visual Sheep Score Traits will be collected and a fleece weight.
After shearing the Wethers will head to the feedlot with regular progress weights being recorded along with a Muscle & Fat measurement.

The ADBA Sire Evaluation has also been included in the MLA Meat Eating Quality Satellite Flock which will gather valuable Meat Quality and Carcase Yield Traits when the wethers are slaughtered in May.

Average Post Weaning Weight on the day was 43.4 Kg at 7 months of age, demonstrating a steady growth since Weaning in October where the Average Wether Weight was 35.6 Kg. The seasonal conditions are challenging and typical of a wet summer with summer grasses low in feed quality, plenty of grass seed and already a clover germination! Flys have been very active! With the appropriate management at Coonong the risk of fly strike has been kept manageable through jetting, crutching and appropriate paddock selections. Conditions have been conducive to worms, regular monitoring and treatment has ensured the weaners have kept moving forward without a worm burden.

A terrific team effort from all involved ensured accurate data collection in a timely manner. Special thanks to Sheep Classer Jason Southwell for his insights on the day, Site Committee members; Allan Casey, Jim Meckiff, Don Mills & John Nadin along with some extra help from Dohne Breeders Darren Gurnett, Alistair Greesheilds & Lucinda Eaddie. As always, a huge thank you to the Coonong Station crew for having us on the farm for the day and helping out in the yards and presenting the livestock so well!
AMSEA will be publishing an Interim Site Report & be ready to come along to the Site Open Day in early July 2022 to inspect the ewe portion in the wool prior to Yearling Shearing Assessment along with the complete 2021 Wether Progeny Data available.

Photos: Trent Fordham Riverina Wool Testers, Jim Meckiff and John Nadin

 L-R Darren Gurnett, John Nadin, Alistair Greensheilds, Don Mills, Allan Casey, Jason Southwell, Fab, Lucinda Eadie, Jim Meckiff, Joe Gahan, Nic at the Coonong Station Yards for Post Weaning Assessment of the 2021 Wethers.

Sire manager Jim Meckiff, trait recorder Lucinda Eadie and Allan Casey with classer Jason Southwell.

Sire manager Jim Meckiff, trait recorder Lucinda Eadie and Allan Casey with classer Jason Southwell.

Ram Sale Results – Sale photos and reports on behalf of The Land

Alfoxton Dohne Stud Ram Sale, Armidale NSW
68 rams sold to $4500 and averaged $2200.

Alfoxton Dohne stud principal Chris Clonan, buyer Annabelle Horne, Millgalarr Pastoral, Warialda, CL Squires and Company stock agent Phil Hurford and sponsor Virbac’s area sales manager Matthew Falconer with the top price ram.
Harewood Dohne Stud Ram Sale, Armidale NSW
42 rams sold to $3700 and averaged $1383.

Balmoral AMSEA MLP
Balmoral AMSEA MLP (merino lifetime productivity project) and sire evaluation open days were held recently.
Day one was MLP day with Dohne representation through Allen Kelly from Glen Holme Dohne Stud.
In the raw data section, GH141077 figured highly in weight gain, EMD, FAT and condition score results for the F1 ewes.
In the reproduction stage of the trial, the Dohnes figured in the leaders for weaning rate, and kg lambs weaned to ewes joined for 2018, 2019 and still in the leaders for weaned kg of lamb in 2020.
In the breeding values section GH141077 was prominent or leading through weight, EMD and Fat.
The second day was at Austral Park for 2021 drop and Jig Saw Farms for the 2020 drop.
At Austral Park, Dohnes are represented by Macquarie Dohne Stud and Glen Holme Dohne Stud.
Both sires have performed well in either WWT or PWT and MD191457 also among the leaders for PFDCV.
At Jigsaw the 2020 drop results included three Dohne sires from Glen Holme, Macquarie and Stirling Dohne Studs.
In the weight and carcase – adjusted sire means Macquarie MD180230 performed well in YEMD and YFAT, whilst Stirling ST140079 did well in PWT and YWT.
As can be gleaned from these trial results Dohnes are proving to produce good results for meat and carcase traits and all Dohne stud breeders should consider entering sires in AMSEA sire evaluation trials.
Don Mills
Convenor, ADBA Coonong Sire Evaluation

Murray Rodgerson, Stirling Dohne Stud with Joy and Allen Kelly, Glen Holme Dohne Stud inspecting the Glen Holme’ ewes at the conclusion of the first Merino Lifetime Productivity Trial at Balmoral Vic.

Murray Rodgerson, Stirling Dohne Stud with his pen of 20 drop ewes at Austral Park Sire Evaluation.

John Nadin, Macquarie Dohne Stud with his 20 drop ewes at the Austral Park Sire Evaluation.

Peter Nadin , Murray Rodgerson & Don Mills inspecting Dohne 21 drop progeny at Jigsaw Farms. These weaners are trait leaders for PWT & PFDCV. These progeny also had the highest percentage of twins (85).