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Dohne Merino courses for 2015

Picture : Students at the Elsenburg course

After the well attended course at Elsenburg College of Agriculture, only three opportunities are left in 2015 to attend one of these courses to introduce potential stud breeders, flock breeders and inspectors to the Dohne System. Breeders that did such a course more than eight years back should seriously consider redoing a course to update them on all the developments that took place regarding breeding policy and genetic improvement. Our next courses are for GLEN college of Agriculture and UOFS during the week of 28-31 July, 2015, where a total of at least 60 students is expected. Thereafter courses at Cedara/Weston and Grootfontein College of Agriculture, Middelburg EC. will take place during the periods of the 3rd to the 7th of August and the 8th and 9th September, 2015. Interested persons are urged to contact the Office of the DMBS 043 6831330 for reservations.

This year’s Course at Elsenburg set a new benchmark for other courses to follow. The overall passing mark for the 38 students were 68.3 persent. The average for practical Dohne Merino evaluation was 67.7 percent and for the theoretical part 68.6 percent. It is noteworthy that the students performed better in the theoretical part. The younger generation seems to take progressively more note of scientific breed improvement methods. Our congratulations to Johan van Huysteen who attained the highest overall mark of 78 percent. Dohne merino SA is particularly proud to congratulate four new inspectors on passing the senior exam and another four prospective inspectors on passing the junior exam. This course was facilitated by Dr. Jasper Cloete of Elsenburg and Mr. John Morris of the University of Stellenbosch Dohne Merino stud. Their involvement as well as that of Mr. Hennie Hattingh, BKB Caledon (Practical instructor), in the Dohne course at Elsenburg is the main reason for not only excellent results but also the popularity of this particular course. The standard maintained at the course not only testify to the quality of the animals at Elsenburg but also the relevancy of the theory presented. The Dohne Merino Breed Society wishes to express its gratitude to all persons and institutions involved in this vital aspect of the development of the breed. IMG_USWPC

Mr John Morris (Left in the picture) and Mr Hennie Hattingh (standing-right hand side) together with the team of prospective inspectors after completing the Elsenburg course