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FEM Dohnes production sale – 2021

FEM-Dohnes held their 33rd annual production sale on Wednesday, 24 February, 2021.  The total of 99 top Dohne rams on offer, were all sold at the average price of R 14,288.  The highest priced ram SD180038 with production figures of Weaning maternal -0.321 kg; Weaning direct 2.644 kg; !2 months body weight 3.660 kg; Clean wool weight 0.503 kg; and fibre diameter 0.090 micron was sold at R70,000 to Van Zyl family trust, Port Elizabeth.  Ewes were in high demand and open ewes were sold for the average price of R2350.  The price for pregnant ewes varied between R2,200(old ewes) and R3,650 with an average price of R3,090.

Some of the buyers in discussion during the sale