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Fiftieth anniversary of the Dohne Merino Breed Society – 14 September 2016

The Dohne Merino Breed Society ended its 50th anniversary on a high note near Bredasdorp on the 14th of September 2016.  The occasion of the celebration took place at a wonderful venue – the RUENS PRIMARY – school.  The gala event took the format of a formal dinner with guest speaker Prof Mohammed Karaan of Stellenbosch University.  The festive ambience of the event was enhanced by the presence of many dignitaries, officials and especially Dohne Merino flock farmers totaling more than 200 attendees.   Some of the dignitaries included old council members and presidents of the Dohne Merino Breed Society.  Other dignitaries included members of the management of our main sponsors – BKB, CMW, VIRBAC, VOERMOL and MOLATEK.  Previous employees of the Dohne Research Institute as well as the management of SA Studbook and other institutions complimented this impressive guest list




Photo L/R:  Dr Kobus Delport (Manager DMBS) with dignatories Danie Erasmus (old Councillor), Koos Vosloo (president DMBS) Cameron McMaster (, John Torr (President DMBS 1977-1991) and Prof Mohammed Karaan, University Stellenbosch, Guest speaker)

In his guest speech Professor Karaan philosophized on the role of education in a better future for our country. He highlighted the role of parental education in the upbringing of a new nation to utilize humanitarian, financial natural etc. resources on a sustainable basis. Such a generation of South Africans will have to preserve their heritage and value their country.   He was also very enthusiastic about farming with Dohne  Merinos on account of his personal relationship with Daniel Giliomee master of ceremonies. 

       Mr Koos Vosloo (President of DMBS) directed a word of welcome to all dignitories present and also expanded on the current status of the breed.  Future challenges especially in the international arena was mentioned.  It was clear that South African breeders are in need of a change in mind set, to effectively utilize the vast international opportunity to maintain worldwide leadership of the breed.

       During The course of the dinner, the presentation of Mr. Cameron McMaster on the development of the Dohne Merino from its humble beginnings to its current international status, was viewed on huge television sets.  This presentation was augmented by fitting commentary delivered by  Mr. Pierre Vlok (BKB).


Photo L/R: Mr. Willie Henningh (Former Director, Dohne Research Institute), Mr. Koos Vosloo (President DMBS), Mr Andre Fourie (Voermol, Private Consultant and previous employee of Dohne research Institute), Dr Kobus Delport (Manager DMBS)

       On completion of these formidable orations, Mr. Koos Vosloo and Daniel Giliomee presented Mr. Cameron McMaster and Prof Mohammed Karaan with a pure wool jacket.  The evening was concluded with a word of thanks to councillor Boeta Wessels, Celia Wessels and their team for organising such a spectacular event.  The following day visitors were entertained with displays at the Agri-Mega-week that included an excellent Dohne Merino display.   Many thanks to the Swart family (Swarco – Dohnes) as well as all other stud breeders in the area including Hendrik de Kock for a job very well done!  


Photo: Part of the Dohne Merino exhibition at the Agri-Mega week in Bredasdorp.


Photo: Mr. Vlooi du Toit inspecting the Dohne Merino ram with 13 months wool growth at the Agri-Mega exhibition of the DMBS.   The stud ram from Swarco Dohnes produced a superb fleece with a comfort factor of more than 99 percent!  The stud ram was specially prepared for the exhibition by Mr. Japie Hamman of Swarco Dohnes.