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From the council’s (Th)ink

You have probably become aware that the format of the newsletter has changed and as with the Dohne the office also has to keep abreast of the latest changes with the times.

It is once again time to prepare rams for the national sale and I would like to call upon breeders and inspectors to ensure that rams are without faults. The days have long passed when the breeder alone, has to take responsibility for faults on rams and inspectors should also bear the responsibility and be held accountable for cull faults of rams presented for sale. Also, see to correct identification according to Society rules. PLEASE! The national sale is the main opportunity to showcase to the world what a Dohne should look like, so leave any below average animals at home.

Further, our classing system is really broad and open enough to enable selection of the very best rams. So make sure that the motivation when selecting below par A rams for use in the stud is correct (It is not encouraged). The council has decided that A rams used in the stud be restricted to own use only and may not be used as link sires between studs.

Next year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Society and a request is made to all breeders to become involved in the opportunities afforded by various clubs and regions. It promises to be an exceptional year with the launch of the long awaited book on the history of the Dohne at the National sale, it will be something special. Do not miss the occasion. We also look forward to the international small stock school which will take place during the first week of June at the Gariep dam. The conference dinner at the three- and a half day international occasion will be the climax to our national celebration of the Society’s 50th anniversary. Support by all Dohne breeders of this first in South Africa, is not negotiable.

We have already noted a decrease of 5% in the price of rams on official sales this year and a further drop of up to 10% is not excluded. Be realistic when selling your Dohnes and look after them. All things in agriculture happen in cycles and I personally think that the next jump in sheep and meat prices is just around the corner as soon as nature has reached normality again.

We wish you a blessed Christmas with your loved ones and good wishes for the New Year!