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Kei road – Promotional Sale

Good and very welcome rain ensured that everybody attending the Kei Road sale on the 27th of February 2016, got very wet. The sale average of R4975 for 44 rams sold was R429 per ram higher than that for 2015. The top rams on the sale were characterized by excellent fleeces that are particularly suited to high rainfall sourveld conditions. Their new owners can be rest assured that they will do any Dohne Merino stud proud. The sale is off course also a venue for flock breeders to acquire excellent rams at reasonable prices. The sale distinguish itself by also providing an excellent opportunity to developing sheep farmers to become part of the Dohne Merino system.


Kei Road promotion sale, Keiroad: Top price R11000 (44 rams sold at an average price of R4975)
Photo L/R:
AJ Robb (seller) Dr Alberts and Adriaan Alberts (buyers, Nigel) and handler


Photo 2:Mr. Peter Blaine, chairman of the Eastern Cape Dohne Merino club delivering his opening address at the start of the Kei Road sale under very welcome raining conditions.