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Mullersvlei Dohnes, Calvinia – Production Sale

 The Mullersvlei Dohne Merino stud, regularly acquire top genetic material on the National sale and also production sales right across the entire country.  Marcellene van Rooyen also follow the basic principle of rearing sheep under natural commercial farming  conditions.  This policy got some recognition in 2016 when the Mullersvlei Dohne stud sold 43 excellent Dohne Merino rams at an average price of R8,906.   These rams are extremely hardy and do their job straight away when introduced to any ewe flock!  The highest price for a Mullersvlei ram  was R46,000 paid by Mr. Attie Steenkamp, Windheuwel, Calvinia.



Photo L/R: Appie Maritz (Auctioneer, BKB, Paarl), Attie Steenkamp (Buyer, Windheuwel, Calvinia), Marcellene Van Rooyen (Seller, Mullersvlei Dohnes, Calvinia), David Swartz (Handler, Calvinia) and Thinus van Schalkwyk (BKB, Calvinia).