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National Dohne Merino sale – Record breaking price in 2017

2017’s National sale will be remembered for the all-time record price of R220000 paid by Members of Crux Dohnes together with Mr John Morris (Terra Vino Dohnes) for the ram JW150558.  The ram’s performance figures was as follows : Weaning direct growth rate – +0.44 (above average in the breed); Weaning maternal – +3.75 (In the top 10% of the breed); Body weight at 12 months +5.59 kg. (top 10%);  Clean fleece weight +0.45 (top 10%); Fibre Diameter -0.15  (Average); General Merit +19.9 (top 10%).    The ram was bred out of a ewe that produced six lambs out of four matings.   What makes this ram exceptional is that its visual appearance also in terms of both body conformation and wool traits were ranked amongst the highest ever !   The balance between this large number of measured and visually appraised attributes,  led to this all time record price paid!

An important market signal was sent by this sales result to all serious Dohne Merino Flock farmers.  A total of 17 of these top Dohne Merino sires and potential sires were sold at prices that varied between R8000 and R16000 (see also Table 1 below).   Surely this price range for absolute top quality AA Dohne Merino rams, is affordable to the flock farmer that wants to upgrade his flock to a higher standard.    The Dohne Merino breed society therefore invites all flock farmers interested in Dohne Merino rams, to enjoy our next National sale.   Observing this top breeding material alone will make a visit worthwhile!


Photo L/R : Mr JH Wessels (Weska Dohnes, seller), Louwrens Conradie, Schalk van der Merwe (Buyers Crux Dohnes), John Morris (Terra Vino stud, buyer), Jan Joubert (BKB, Bloemfontein) with kneeling Wikus Bekker and Koos Vosloo (Crux Dohnes, buyers).

A Total of 38 stud/potential stud sires were sold on this prestige sale of the dohne Merino Breed at an average price of R35237.  A summary of the result per breeder is provided in table 1.

Table 1   Result of the 2017  National Dohne Merino sale per breeder.

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Photo :  Wool of a true Dohne Merino record breaking ram!