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Presentation of the Dohne Merino Awards

The format change to the national Dohne Merino sale led to the Pre-auction function being held on the evening before the sale.   This occasion also represented a milestone in the history of the breed in the sense that the 30th consecutive award of the National Top Breeder was performed by National executive – Mr. Dickie Rautenbach, Virbac.   It was an honor to the breed society present a token of appreciation to Virbac in acknowledgement of Virbac’s long term commitment to the Breed.

Photo L/R: the token of appreciation together with the to  Dohne Merino Breeders precious Virbac Top Breeder Trophy

Dickie Rautenbach (Virbac), Koos Vosloo (President, Dohne Merino breed society), Mrs Du Toit, Kobus Oberholzer (Co-Sponsor, BKB), Mr Wynand du Toit (Winner, National Top Breeder Award), and Dr Van Wyngaardt (Co-Sponsor,Voermol.

The Dohne Merino Breed Society acknowledge the huge role of our main sponsors to facilitate all activities, including sales, information days, exhibitions, conferences and think-tanks.

Some of the guests that added glamour to the event!

Photo: guests of honour representing SA Studbook in conversation with Dohne breeders


Photo: Wynand du Toit (National Top Breeder on the right hand side)  in conversation with fellow Dohne Breeders

Councillor  Richard Armstrong (right) enjoying the evening with Mrs and Mr. Hart and John Gary Wardle


Photo L/R: Guests of Honour representing OVK in conversation at the very successful event staged by OVK.   OVK also staged the record National Dohne Merino Sale on the 20th of February 2019