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Robdorino and Guest sellers Dohne Merino Sale – 2019

The annual Robdorino sale took place on the 22nd of February 2019.  AJ Robb (Robdorino), Boet Steenkamp (OLea Dohnes) and Morne de Bruin (Stockton Dohnes) sold a total of 37 excellent Dohne Merino rams at the average price of R7,174.  Sheard estates CC also sold 129 Dohne Merino ewes in Lamb at an average price of R1,988   The highest priced  ram was sold by Mr. AJ Robb at the price of R21,000  to Non Pareille Sweetgrass, Hoggsback.

Photo L/R: Peter Lloyd (Buyer), Celia and Boet Steenkamp (Sellers, Olea Dohnes),  M Ndya (Robdorino) and Chris Sheard (Auctioneer, Sheard Auctioneers, Holding the highest priced Olea ram sold for R15,000)

Photo : Lee Ann de Bruin and John Gary Wardle in conversation after the sale

Photo : More buyers relaxing after completion of the sale