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Production Sale – Bester Brs Moorreesburg

The annual production sale of FC and Jeandre Bester took place on the 10th of August 2017 on the farm of FC Bester – Kruispad.  A total of 75 top Dohne Merino rams were auctioned by Mr. Appie Maritz (BKB, Paarl) at the excellent average price of R10,400.  The highest price of R26,000 was paid for a ram of the Corsando Dohne Merino stud by Mr Mr. Louw from Malmesbury.  It is clear that the prevailing dry conditions did not deter woolled sheep farmers from paying fair prices for excellent genetic material.


Photo L/R : Appie Maritz (auctioneer, BKB, Paarl), FC  Bester and his wife Wanda (Seller, Corsando Dohnes, Moorreesburg), A.J. Louw (Buyer, Malmesbury) and Jan Afrika (Holding the ram, Kruispad, Moorreesburg).