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Promotion Sales – Remains an effective marketing tool for stud breeders

The number of rams sold on promotion sales in 2015 declined by 53 rams to 229 rams sold. Simultaneously the average price decreased by by R212 per ram to R6 518. Results on especially the Ermelo and Elliot sales were responsible for this slight decline in the average price. Regrettably no rams were presented on the Mosselbay sale and it seems as if the Ermelo sale will in future not be supported.

When considering the results of promotion sales in the winter rain fall area only, statistics indicate an entirely different situation. The average price for the four sales held in that area was R 7 988 for 167 rams sold! The number of rams sold, also represent 73 percent of rams sold on all promotion sales. Especially smaller less established studs make very efficient use of this handy marketing tool. Remember newly established and in some cases smaller studs produce some of the very best genetic material. Our current evaluation system provide for proper evaluation and more accurate exchange of such breeding material.

  • The highest number of rams (78) was once again sold on the Suid Kaap sale, Bredasdorp, and the highest average price of R9 354 was posted by the “Piket boere” sale.
  • Vlakkloof Dohnes sold the highest the highest priced ram at R50 000 to J de Kock at the Southern Cape sale.

Breeders are requested to make better use of promotion sales as a marketing tool to provide numbers of rams at more affordable prices to flock farmers. Supply and demand will however remain the determining factor in the correct balance of the available marketing systems.