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Richard Armstrong – Production Sale

Richard Armstrong held his stud’s 28th annual production sale under the EDCN banner on the 1st of March 2016. Richards rams were of outstanding visual quality and also boasted good production values and breeding values. The sales average price was R8475 (+R2157 for 4 rams more sold than in 2015). Richard ascribe the increased demand for RA and EN Genetic material to diligent selection along the prescribed guidelines of the breed society for the total period of the existence of the flock.


EDCN Cathcart: Top price R15000 (70 rams sold at an average price of R8475)
Photo L/R:
Brandon Leer (Auctioneer), John Gary Wardle (buyer), Richard Armstrong (seller), Gary Trethewey (BKB), AJ Robb (buyer).


Photo: Officials and buyers relaxing after the excitement of the action of the extraordinary good EDCN sale.