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Twee neefs Dohnes – Production sale – 2021

Steyn Steenekamp (SM and OB) and Gawie van Zyl (GW) held Twee Neefs Dohnes’ production sale on 12 February, 2021.   This sale represents a new development in the sense that the conventional sale of well prepared was combined with a silent sale of flock rams suited to flock breeders in need of functional rams for their flocks.   The traditional ram sale resulted 117 rams being sold at the average price of R14,893 with a top price of R56,000.   The top priced ram, SM180141 sold to Proline farming and Trading at R56,000 has breeding values of weaning direct 2.216 kg; weaning maternal 0.457 kg; number lambs weaned 1.249 percent; 12 months body weight 3.559 kg; clean fleece weight 0.055 kg; fibre diameter -0.0837 micron.

The 55 silent sale rams  were sold at the average price of R5,594 with a top price of R6,000.

Prices for ewes varied between R2000 (two tooth dry) and R3,150 (pregnant with twins)