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Twee Neefs – Production sale 2022

Twee Neefs Dohnes – Gawie van Zyl and Steyn Steenekamp held their production sale at the facilities of Steyn Steenekamp on February the 11th. The main sale resulted in 105 excellent rams sold for the average price of R15 862. The top priced ram was sold to Plaatjieskraal boerdery at the price of R66 000. A silent sale of flock rams was also held and a total of 73 more rams were sold at the average price of R5 356.
The top priced ram GW190466 was born as one of a twin and had breeding values of +0.830 kg; weaning maternal -0.923 kg; number of lambs weaned +5.528 percent; clean fleece weight +0.335 kg; fibre diameter -0.192 micron.

Open ewes were sold at R2 500 on average and pregnant ewes at an average price of R3 164