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Tweedale Dohnes – Production sale 2022

Richard Armstrong held the 34th annual production sale of the Tweeddale Dohne Merino stud on Tuesday  1 March, on the farm Tweeddale, in  the district of Cathcart.  The total of 73 Dohne Merino rams were all sold at the average price of R11 938.  Congratulations to FEM Dohnes on buying the top priced ram at R70 000.  This ram, RA190914 was born as a single and had breeding values of: weaning direct +1.946 kg; weaning maternal +0.025 kg; number of lambs weaned -2.229 percent; clean fleece weight +0.169 kg; fibre diameter -1.134 micron and general merit +14.460.

Open 2 tooth ewes and 4 tooth ewes were sold at R2000 and 2 100.  Open stud ewes were sold at R2 400 and pregnant 4-tooth commercial ewes at R2 450.

2 thoughts on “Tweedale Dohnes – Production sale 2022

  1. I am looking two teeth ram and boer and saanen goats
    May I get the price for each goat

    1. Monwabisi,
      Unfortunately we have no contact with goat breeders and cannot help you
      Dohne greetings
      Dr Kobus Delport

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