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Blydskap Trust – Production sale

Blydskap Trust held their highly successful production sale on the 24th of February. It is clear that progressive education of buyers regarding interpretation of breeding value information as well as visual appraisal of rams culminated in a more sophisticated commercial buyers corps. Ram buyers are quite prepared to pay higher prices for higher quality breeding material. The Blydskap Trust Dohne Merino stud’s sale results of 66 rams sold for a high average price of R9242, typifies this “more selective” trend amongst buyers.


Blydskap Trust, Riviersonderend: Top price R26000 (66 rams sold at an average price of R9242)
Photo L/R: Pieter du Plessis (BKB, Riviersonderend), Appie Maritz (Auctioneer, BKB, Paarl), Wehan van Deventer, Jan van Deventer (seller), Lennox Jenethi (handler, Riviersonderend), Billy Stewart (buyer, Riviersonderend), Christina Stewart, Wessel-Jan van Deventer (seller, Blydskap, Riviersonderend), JG van Deventer