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Charfontein Dohnes – Production sale 2022

Charfontein Dohnes held their annual production sale on the 21st July, 2022, at the farm Humania, Vrede.   A total of 54 top Dohne Merinos were sold at the average price of R14,407.  Congratulations to Mr Jacobus Claassen Who bought CG200355 at the highest price of R35,000.  The ram born as one of a twin had breeding values of: Weaning direct +3.44 kg; Weaning maternal +0.745 kg; Number of lambs weaned -0.731 percent; clean fleece weight +0.007 kg; fibre diameter -1.591 micron; general merit +19.44 units.

A total of 145 pregnant ewes ewes were sold at the average price of R3,348 and another 100 open ewes were sold at the price of R2,700 each.