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CRUX Dohnes – Production sale 2023

Congratulations to CRUX Dohnes who held their annual production sale on Thursaday the 2nd of february 2023.  On this very successful production sale, the 103 Dohne Merino rams on offer, were all sold at the average price of R11 073.  Congratulations to Mr. Philip Heyns, Heydale Pty Ltd, Rouxville, who bought the top priced ram at R47 000.  The ram JL20234 had breeding values of: weaning weight direct +3.013 kg; weaning weight maternal -0.297 kg; number of lambs weaned +1.554 percent; clean fleece weight +0.449 kg; fibre diameter -0.005 micron; general merit +14.67.

The total of 324 ewes were sold at the average price of R2187.