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Dohne Australia – March 2024

The annual face to face meeting of the ADBA Council was held at Naranderra in mid- February to coincide with the Coonong AMSEA Open Day.
Firstly, I would like to thank Don Mills and his committee and Tom and Sophie Holt and the Coonong crew for making the trial and open day such a success.
On Monday we spent most of the morning talking about the future of our Dohne Merino breed: looking at pathways for the future including a tiered breeding system, culling percentages, education, joint analysis with Sheep Genetics, Council structure, promotion and research. More information will come through as we receive information back from the relevant contacts.
The new yearly registration form for owners was adopted for 2023 drop onwards. Studs who have been registered less than 5 years are still required to use the ADBA approved classer, who will still fill in their usual form. Longer established studs will not need to use an approved classer. All studs both new and established, will additionally be required to complete the owner’s form which has just been adopted. It can be downloaded from our website or click on link. ADBA Owners Form
Discussion was held on this year’s feature breed journal. Please support this journal and our efforts to reach a larger audience at the Bendigo ASWS by replying to Tanya’s email by Friday 22 March 2024 re advertising etc.
Following the enthusiasm from one school in Queensland, which has begun showing Dohne Merinos and thus promoting our breed, we have introduced an education membership, to encourage more schools to be involved with Dohne Merinos.
Darren Gurnett and his committee gave an update on the progress of organization for the ASWS at Bendigo, July 19 to 21, this year. Highlighting the Dohne Merino Feature Breed for 2024 will be the National Judging taking place on the Saturday.  A daily fashion parade featuring only Dohne Merino wool will take place as well.  To give all studs plenty of room to participate, Council have budgeted for a larger marquee this year. All studs will have recently received shearing and entry details, reminder entries will close on Sunday 19 May 2024. Kaye Butler will be sending out details re a dinner for participants on the Friday evening and the AGM will be held Saturday in the Marquee.
Tuesday morning was spent with Tanya Barton on Budgeting. I am pleased to report that the ADBA is in a good financial position. The AMSEA trial at Coonong will finish over the next year and funds will return to a more stable level, allowing continued promotion and further research to be considered in the future.
Murray Rogerson provided an interesting roundup on index accuracy before we all headed to Coonong to set up for the open day. That evening a joint promo/show committee meeting was held with plans for Bendigo ASWS the main item on the agenda.
Meanwhile, Kaye was busy hosting the inaugural meeting of future breeder’s (now known as The Wolf Pack). Thank-you to all those who joined the meeting and those who put in apologies. You have already sparked a lot of ideas and I look forward to meeting those of you who can make it to Bendigo in July.
Further discussions on Thursday morning reviewed Coonong trial and the other committee meetings. A commitment to have a presence at LambEx in Adelaide in August was made – more details to follow.
Thank-you to all councillors for your voluntary commitment to the F2F and the ADBA.
Greg Hall, ADBA President

Ethical Outback Wool has produced and manufactured these 100% Australian Dohne Merino wool garments, made entirely from the sheep in the AMSEA Coonong Dohne Sire Evaluation. Participating stud owners and representatives are showcasing the array of garments. 

Lambex Future Flock
Hopefully you are all aware that Lambex is back for 2024!
This will be the first time since 2018 LambEx has been held so there has been a long wait, but the event is back in Adelaide and is promising to be bigger and better than ever.
If you’re not familiar with Lambex it’s a whole-of-supply chain event celebrating the entire Australian sheep and lamb industry, run by a dedicated cohort of industry leaders.
Neogen are very excited to partner with Lambex 2024 to bring together the FutureFlock program.
The FutureFlock Program is an initiative to provide thirty people under the age of 35 an opportunity to take part in Australia’s largest sheep industry event as our special guests.
Successful applicants will receive an all-inclusive ticket to the full conference including all social functions. Not only will you get to experience the pinnacle event for Australian sheep, lamb, and wool, you will get to do it with like-minded, innovative young people from all over Australia.
At Neogen, we strongly believe in using science and technology to produce better outcomes in agriculture. We’re looking for the next generation of sheep farmers who embrace science and want to see their industry not just survive but thrive into the future. And we want to know how you would go about it.
If this sounds like you, submit either a two-minute video or a 500-word written application outlining how technology could improve your sheep business and what role genomic testing will play.
Applications are open today and close on 3 May 2024.
For more information, to view the term and conditions or to apply hit the below link:

LambEx FutureFlock – Neogen Australasia

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you would like any more details about the FutureFlock Program. Don’t miss your chance to join us for this amazing event.
Dan Roe, Neogen

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