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Dohne Merino course – Grootfontein College of Agriculture

The course for Grootfontein College of agriculture is conducted every year by making use of the College’s stud Dohne Merinos that are managed by Mr. Marius van Heerden.  Our gratitude to Marius as well as Mr. Willie van Heerden (Lecturer) and Anton Lombard (BKB) who assist with the practical sessions on a regular basis.   This year’s course that was conducted on the 8th and 9th of September 2016, was attended by 64 students.  Congratulations to four students (D. Calitz, J.P. Danckwerts, A.J. Kleyn and F.E. Stuurman) who achieved the highest mark of 76 percent.  From next year this course will be presented in English only in accordance with educational policy and more time will be available for presenting detail on the Dohne Merino system.






Photos above : Some of the Grootfontein students after completing their Dohne Merino course.