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Dohne Merino course – Weston College of Agriculture

The Dohne Merino course for learners of the Weston College of Agriculture, Mooirivier, KZN, took place on the 1st and 2nd of September 2016.  This course for secondary school students was attended by 22 grade 11 learners.  Congratulations to G. Montile who was the top student for the course. Since study material for the Secondary school course is well tested, it is envisaged to expand this program to more secondary agricultural schools in the near future.  Many thanks to Mr. Pierre van Rensburg who not only did the planning for the course, but also provided accommodation in the school Hostel.

The occasion of the course was also utilized to donate the Book “Birth of a Breed – The Dohne Merino story” to the school.  It is hoped that these learner will benefit from the interesting contents of this book on how the Dohne Merino breed developed.


Photo: Weston students busy with their practical


Photo: Dr. Kobus Delport with the three Weston students that showed the most interest in Dohne Merino breeding (One received a Jacket and two students each a  Dohne Merino cap)



Photo: Mr. Pierre  van Rensburg (left) and Dr. Kobus Delport (right hand side) together with Weston students after completion of the Dohne Merino course.