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G Hobson & JP Steynberg – Production Sale

Uncharacteristically the Karoo area of Nieu Bethesda Southwards, experienced an excellent summer season. These two studs are well known for staging fine woolled rams that are completely veld reared. These rams receive no pampering and do the term “organic” reared justice. The fact that nine rams more were sold on the combined sale than last year indicates the constant demand for “veld rams” in the Karoo where some clients are still battling with the consequences of the drought.

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G Hobson & JP Steynberg, Graaff Reinet: Top price R11000 (67 rams sold at an average of R6020)
Photo L/R:
Andre van Zyl (auctioneer, CMW), Louis Lategan (buyer), JP and Luane Steynberg (sellers)