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LA & J de la Harpe Normady, Graaff Reinet

Normandy Dohne Merinos, continued the 2016 autumn season’s trend of higher average prices at production sales in especially inland areas. Normandy’s average production sale price of R8556 is R3373 higher than that for 2015! This stud, known for emphasizing carcass traits in their selection program, also sold four rams more than last year. Selling a larger number of rams at such a huge price premium, renders the performance of this foundation stud of the Dohne Merino breed even more remarkable.

NH 3c

Normandy Dohnes Graaff Reinet: Top Price R16500 (53 rams sold at an average price of R8556)
Photo L/R:
Jean de la Harpe (seller) Stephen Main Sheard (buyer, Thornhill), JJ van der Watt (auctioneer, BKB Cradock) and handler A. Mala.