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New Sales Season starts on a high note

All prospective buyers can rest assured that only the best possible Dohne Merino genetic material will be presented on the 2015 Spring Sales Season.

Registered Dohne Merino breeders are registering more twin lambs than singles on a continuous basis since 2012. Fertility and reproduction are the main profit drivers of all facets of stock farming. Dohne Merino breeders are known as above average “stock men” and they are applying the most advanced management techniques to improve productivity by means of even higher reproduction rates. This statement does however not mean that hardiness and adaptability of the breed is sacrificed. Maintaining the fine balance between wool and meat income on a per farming unit basis combined with selection for ram fertility and ewe reproductivity ensure that Dohne breeders not only retain hardiness, but also exploit the full genetic potential of their flocks. Buyers also have to take note of a number of reports of registered Dohne Merino breeders attaining extremely high prices on last season’s wool sales. Once again this proves the true dual purpose nature of this hardy breed!

Potential buyers are urged to make full use of the accurate information supplied with each ram on a production sale. Remember the highest possible figure is not always the best. Take note of weak points in your own flock before starting to pay top prices. Doing your homework properly, may avoid obtaining the wrong genetic material for your specific needs. Take note also of the scale of measurement to put breeding values for each trait in true perspective. For instance breeding values for weaning weight maternal is estimated on a very narrow scale where as big differences in breeding values occurs for 12 months body weight. Depending on a buyers own flock’s merit and production system, he might decide on buying rams of which the maternal and direct weaning weight breeding values are closer to each other rather than to “go for maximum values” in growth rate.

Note: The Dohne Merino breed Society is available at all times to advise each and every flock breeder on how to analyze specific financial and production systems to ensure that the best possible Dohne Merino genetic material for every individual situation, is procured.