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Olea Dohnes – Production sale 2023

Olea Dohnes and Potberg Dohnes held the first Dohne Merino production sales of 2023 on the 19th of January.   Olea dohnes had their third production sale on the farm Strydfontein in the Barkly east district.   The total of 36 rams were sold at the average price of R7007.  Congratulations to WD AGRIC. Barkly East who bought the top priced ram, OJ210699, at the price of R20,000.  The ram with a general merit of +8.27 had breeding values of: weaning direct 2.88 kg; weaning maternal +0.04 kg; clean fleece weight +0.327 kg; fibre diameter +0.796 micron.

Results for the Potberg Dohne sale will be posted as soon as it becomes available.


Photo: Vincent Pike and Celia Steenkamp in conversation at the start of the Olea sale.

Photo: Some serious concentration during the sale